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Personal Development


Author Your Character

Exploring your identity and overcoming life's challenges can be tough for most people, especially when our identities have shame and stigma attached to them. That's a lot to try and deal with at once. With Character Development, you will learn how to embrace your beauty and how to live your most authentic life.

Whether the quarantine blues stirred up some soul searching or you've been on this path for a while, Character Development is designed to help you accentuate and empower the best parts of you. Let's work together and take the power back from identity-related shame, identify your personal and professional goals, navigate life transitions, and help you embody those main character vibes.

Your therapist will approach each session by seeing you as the author of the chapters of your life. No one knows your experience better than you; or, in other words, you're the expert on your experience and we won't try to claim otherwise.