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Can you hear my heart saying hi?

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

On Sunday, I took a leap. A leap of faith, a leap into the unknown, a leap into my dreams and the thing that scares me most of all. I launched my therapy practice, KC Character Development.

I'm so incredibly thankful for those of you who have already liked and followed my Facebook page. If you all could do me the additional favor of liking my Instagram @kccharacterdevelopment, it would be much appreciated.

I'm passionate about serving the queer community. When I was little, I didn't have queer role models; instead, I had newspaper articles, evangelical radio stations, and TV news broadcasts that damned the "homosexual." Instead of role models, I had shame.

Some of you may question why I make myself so visible; why I broadcast my queerness; why I wear eyeliner, nail polish, and rainbows. It's because I want to be the person I didn't have. It's because I know that when I get my morning coffee at QuikTrip that there's a chance a little queer kiddo gets to see a flamboyant, non-binary person and know that feeling of home. Know that if I can love and accept myself, they can too.

In the Broadway production of Fun Home ( ), there's a line that goes something like, "It's like I'm a traveler in a foreign land who runs into someone from home [...] Can you hear my heart saying hi?"

Maybe it's a little selfish, but I want to be that someone from home. I want to feel that heart saying hi. Not only to the next generations, but to myself.

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