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Write Your Life in Authenticity

Our culture often asks us to conform and silence the parts of us that make us unique; often, my clients talk about the ways in which their loved ones see them- not for who they authentically are- but for who they want my clients to be. And it's easy to fall into that trap; we all do it. The more we spend time with people, the easier it feels to boil them down to a sum of their parts. It's part of being in relationship- and it's not necessarily a bad thing when someone defines us as funny, or caring, or spontaneous- but when it goes to the extreme where they see us through "foggy glasses" and can no longer "see" who we have become versus who we once were.

Character Development empowers you to embrace your authenticity without having to put on masks for the people in your life. It asks you to take off the metaphorical glasses and see the people in your life for who they are, with the hope that they can do the same for you.

If you didn't have to live up to the expectations of other people or wear masks to appease them, who would you be? What would you be doing? How would your life change?

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