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Queer Platonic Relational Therapy

Group Therap
Group Hike

Your Journey

Queer platonic relationships have taken many forms throughout history and they've been meaningful, nuanced, deep and, yet, different from romantic partnerships. 

Many friendships often struggle, just like other relationships in our lives. Maybe you've had frequent arguments, often feel like you're "codependent" or you're trying to navigate unreciprocated romantic feelings or other problems in your friendship.

Or maybe, you were formally a couple and are looking to de-couple, but you don't want the connection to end or for it to end on bad terms and/or with feelings of abandonment. 

Or you're siblings who are trying to move past a tumultuous history in your relationship and find safety together.

Maybe you both want to start therapy, but can't afford individual therapy on your own. 


Honestly, the possibilities are endless.. Our experience as relational therapists can help you strengthen your platonic relationships by highlighting your individual strengths and restructuring the group dynamic through the lens of interdependency. 

At the end of the day, friendship is where we find some of the most meaningful sources of relational wealth and is worth the time and dedication that therapy can provide for you. 

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