Relational Therapy


Create the Family of your Dreams

Let's face it, relationships are hard.


Whether we are navigating relationships with our partner, our family of origin, or even the chosen family we must create, it can be really easy to get lost and struggle to find our way back to satisfying and fulfilling relationships. I enjoy working with relational systems of all kinds.


Regardless of the reason that brings you to relational therapy you will find success in navigating difficult conversations by learning how to work together to begin identifying and empowering the core self of the relationship.


Underneath those fights— over who last left wet laundry in the washer or who didn't remember to put gas in the car— are deep attachment needs to know that our partner is there for us and still cares for us. Let's take the first step in writing the happy beginnings of the next chapters in our lives.

Rest assured, your therapist is poly- and kink-competent and aware. Your relationships, regardless of structure, will always be welcomed and accepted.