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Relational Therapy

Relational Therapy

Create the Family of your Dreams

Let's face it, relationships are crazy-making at times.


Whether we are navigating relationships with our partner, our family of origin, or even the chosen family we must create, it can be really easy to get lost and struggle to find our way back to satisfying and fulfilling relationships.


Underneath those fights with your partner— be it your different preferences for how often and what kind of sex you're having or how often you communicate and connect throughout the day— are deep attachment needs to know that our partner is there for us and still cares for us. Let's rewrite your arguments and build a stronger foundation for the future.

Many of us inherit relational debts from past generations and that influences how we show up for our people; how we show up for ourselves in relationships. By shifting to a relational wealth model, we begin to meaningfully invest in our lives (resulting in the creation of secure attachments). 

Rest assured, your therapist is poly- and kink-competent and aware. Your relationships, regardless of structure, will always be welcomed and accepted.

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