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We currently accept all major debit/credit cards and HSA/HFA cards through a HIPAA-secured platform. At this time, only Colby accepts Aetna and Optum health plans; however, upon request, we can generate a monthly superbill for you, if you choose to submit this to insurance for reimbursement. If you need help submitting a superbill, contact your insurance company and/or utilize the following instructions/forms from these major health insurance plans:

***We make no guarantees that these are the correct forms for your health plan and always recommend you follow the instructions and forms provided to you by your health insurance***

superbills infographic

Are you wanting to pursue therapy, but are worried about the cost? There may be the possibility that your insurance can reimburse you (partially or in full) for each therapy session after the fact (or for the cost of therapy to go towards your deductible/out of pocket maximum). 

That's where a superbill comes into play. Superbills are receipts that include your diagnosis and dates of service that you would submit to your insurance company following their procedures.

This may make it easier to afford therapy or to meet your deductible sooner!

Of course, this is dependent on both your insurance company and the specific health plan that you're enrolled in. You'll need to contact your insurance company to see if your plan allows for this. 


We recommend you check with your insurance company before scheduling a session as we cannot guarantee your health plan will accept superbills nor reimburse you. 


Just let us know and we can get you set up for weekly superbills.

**Sessions with interns or student therapists are not eligible for superbills**

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