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Couple's Therapy

Relational Therapy

Colby's Approach

The relationships we have with our romantic partner(s) are unlike any other. Your person gets to see you, the real you, even when others can’t. And they’ve chosen to stay time and time again. The fact that you’re both willing to try says a lot about your love.

Long-term relationships take work. Communication breaks down. Fights happen. And it’s all okay.

As an affirming therapist for the LGBTQ community, I approach couple’s therapy from a place of curiosity. I want to know what your perspective is. How you experienced a fight or communication breakdown. And I want to know how your partner experienced that same conflict. When you’re in a place of pain, it’s hard for you to see how your partner might be in pain, as well. My job is to help you each turn towards one another, rather than away.

I firmly believe that couple’s therapy is a space for you each to learn: how to communicate, even when you’re at your most vulnerable, your most triggered; how to name the emotions when they arise; and finally, how your own past influences how you’re reacting in the present.

In order to attune to your own unique needs as a couple, I’ll blend my own combination of the following therapy styles: Narrative, Attachment, Mindfulness, and Emotionally Focused Therapy. Additionally, I’ll bring in Gottman Method worksheets, exercises, and homework activities.

Erin's Approach

Being in a committed relationship, no matter how that looks for you, is challenging. No matter how strong your relationship is, there may come a time that you and your partner(s) need some extra help. Just as in individual settings, it is okay to seek help within your relationship.

In my role as your couples therapist, I first want to make sure that both/all of you are well represented. I want to help open (or reopen) the door to curiosity and compassion between you. I want to help strengthen the connection through deeper emotional understanding.

I have worked with a variety of couple systems including same sex, heterosexual, open, and monogamous. Within my unique therapeutic approach, I draw from elements of Internal Family Systems Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Mindfulness, and Attachment Theory. I also include elements of Emotionally Focused Therapy and Gottman Method.

EL Couple Therapy
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