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Therapy for Couples

Relational Therapy
Couple Going on a Walk

Let's be real. Sometimes the love of your life drives you absolutely bonkers. You each get home at the end of the day and you're stressed out from work hoping for a moment of peace, when your partner starts in on you or nags you, which escalates into a full blown fight. Or you've experienced a betrayal of trust and you don't know how to stop hurting each other over and over again. Or maybe you've been saying the same thing for years without your partner actually meeting the need you're trying to get met.


On the other hand, you might be a couple embarking on the adventure of a lifetime and are wanting to strengthen the foundation of your relationship before you take that next big step. You have a new, blossoming love and want to make sure you have all the tools necessary to make this love last.


Whatever it is bringing you here, effective couples therapy requires both partners to be willing to participate and work together, as well as a genuine desire to improve the relationship. Through the therapy process, couples can learn new skills and strategies to better communicate and connect with each other, leading to a stronger and more fulfilling relationship.

Read on to see how each of our clinician's show up in the therapy room:

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