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Being in the Army Reserves for over ten years has been a transformative journey, but I found myself walking around thinking about what I do as a Drill Sergeant and what I enjoy about that, and I was like, “man, I wonder if I could be a therapist?” It fit so well with what I do as a Drill Sergeant and what feels right for me. So, I started exploring this path. Doors started opening, and instead of hitting barriers, I found things that were working. Obviously, there’s a huge difference in working as a Drill Sergeant and being a student therapist in my approach; but at the core, I’m still guiding and mentoring young people. I am here to provide accountability, but also mentorship and guidance. Some of the people I’ve worked with have come from less-than-ideal home lives and I enjoy being the person they can turn to in need.

Being a mom fits me so naturally. My wife and I have been happily married for six years and we have an amazing 15-month-old son. He’s the light of our world. I love learning about all things mental health and being able to provide that for our son. And to know that when my son walks off and starts to explore— not only the things around us, but his emotions as well— that I’m setting him up to have really solid relationships with himself and others.


I don’t try to talk all fancy and proper. I try to keep it real and make real-world connections with people. I try to connect with everybody and have a strong desire to make sure others are heard. I want to make sure that comes through in my therapy. I’m pretty chill and I’m not trying to be anyone other than who I am.


I have a special passion in working with both the LGBTQ and military communities. I find myself at the intersection of both and love helping others find both their voice and their authenticity. They taught us at the Drill Sergeant academy to not be anyone other than ourselves, because people will see right through that. I hope to model that for my clients.


Since starting the Marriage and Family Therapy program at Friends University, I have felt so fulfilled mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I love the challenges this profession has to offer and the joy that comes with it.

If you are interested in learning more about me or how I show up in the therapy room, please set up a free consultationWhen scheduling, if you don't see a time that works for you, click here to let me know what your availability is or to be added to my waitlist.

Erin Lookhart, Student Therapist

​—Erin Lookhart, Student Therapist (He/Him)


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