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Friend/Family Therapy

Relational Therapy
Friend Therapy

Colby's Approach

Our friendships and family relationships are incredibly important. They sustain us through storms and difficult times. But, just like any relationship, miscommunication and disconnection happen. 

It can also feel tricky to navigate these relationships. The norm in the therapy world has been to prioritize only romantic relationships. We've normalized getting help for couples struggling to communicate, but these same problems show up with our best friends and (chosen) family members. And friends are left to struggle in conflict alone. 

In order to help you strengthen your friendship, I'll modify existing family therapy treatments to fit the dynamics of your friendship. You'll learn how to reconnect and communicate when issues arise. 

My job is to be curious and provide you with tools to strengthen your friendship. Each friendship is different, so my approach in therapy will be customized to fit your needs.

The running thread in all of my work as a therapist is an approach focused on the following therapy styles: Narrative Therapy, Attachment, Mindfulness, and Emotionally Focused Therapy. 

Please note that at this time, I am only working with adult chosen families.

Erin's Approach

Family can be quite a complicated beast and for some, it is the family we choose not the one we are born in to. Either way when communication or other issues cause complications, it can be a mess to sort out.

Whether it is your born or chosen family, there is no need to let these issues fester and ruin relationships. When you enter family/friend therapy with me I will strive to maintain balance and help all parties feel well represented.

I will work to enter this relationship from a place of curiosity. I know that each family/friendship is different and so is my approach for each unique system. I want to understand you needs, help you understand each other’s needs and rebuild connection.

In my unique therapeutic style, I draw from elements of Internal Family Systems Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Mindfulness, and Attachment Theory. I also include elements of Emotionally Focused Therapy.

LGBT Family Therapy
EL Family Therapy
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